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Brookhaven Monument Co.

Why Brookhaven Monument Company?

A Reputable and Reliable Company

For almost 60 years, Brookhaven Monument Company has served thousands of satisfied families and has proven to be a strong and reliable institution.

We are poud members of:

the Louisiana Mississippi Monument Builders Association,

the Monument Builders of North America,

and the American Institute of Commemmorative Art.


Everlasting Quality

Only the finest quality granite, marble, and bronze are used in Brookhaven Monument Company memorials, regardless of size or price. We are your authorized dealer for all the best known materials including: "Keystone Memorials," "Georgia Marble," "Dakota Mahogany," and "Matthews Bronze."

Affordable Prices

There is a Brookhaven Monument Company memorial to fit every budget. Through volume purchasing and the latest manufacturing techniques, we are able to offer the lowest possible prices.

Prices Plainly Marked

You will find our prices plainly marked on each monument. At Brookhaven Monument Company there are NO HIDDEN COSTS!

Incomparable Fine Workmanship

As a family owned business, we give each buyer the personal attention they need and deserve. We at Brookhaven Monument Company are proud of our reputation and we ask only for the opportunity to show you there is a difference. Our commitment to the finest workmanship and detail to every monument sold is unrivaled.

Complete Guarantee

Brookhaven Monument Company guarantees to replace (free of charge to the buyer) any memorial found to be defective through workmanship or material.

Guaranteed Installation

Every Brookhaven Monument Company memorial is expertly erected by our experienced personnel and is paced on a solid foundation which carries our permanent guarantee to remain upright and level.

Large Selection and Personalization

We have over 500 monuments and markers in stock in every style, color, and price providing you with one of the most complete selections in Mississippi. Our modern technology allows us to use techniques such as sandblasting, shape carving, and laser/hand etching, which can be used to shape and create any design you envision. Our technology also allows you to personalize your memorial with intricate scenes and portraits to be placed directly on the stone.


Brookhaven Monument Company is proud to be a member of the Monument Builders of North America, and international trade association of professional memorialists dedicated to the highest standards of quality, craftsmanship, and professionalism.

Recommended by Cemetery Officials

Brookhaven Monument Company is recommended by more cemetery officials because we properly install our monuments so they do not lean or pose a safety threat.

The Number One Choice in Southwest Mississippi

Each year, more families prefer quality Brookhaven Monument memorials than any other.